His 1-800 Wife


His 1-800 Wife


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Catherine Carson needs a husband...temporarily. Devising a plan to keep her sister and

mother at bay, she installs a phone to find the perfect man -- no the imperfect man.

One she had marry and happily divorce in six months.


Excerpt from His 1-800 Wife


Shirley Hailstock



Jarrod's arms clamped around her, drawing her into intimate contact with the full length of him. She felt every part of his body while his mouth worked magic on hers. Catherine was caught in a downpour of sensation, wanting to move closer to him. Her hands moved over his back, caressing him as they descended lower and lower. When she reached his waist, he lifted his head. Catherine's entire body could have been made of rubber. Jarrod folded her into his arms and held her close for a few seconds. He must have known how she felt. Then he stepped back.

He stared down at her. She couldn't move. Looking up at him, she saw the desire in his eyes. She wondered what hers looked like to him. Catherine had changed in his arms, lost her sense and her mind, she thought.

Audrey cleared her throat, and Catherine suddenly remembered they weren't alone. Her head snapped toward her sister and she stepped back, out of Jarrod's arms. Catherine's body suffused with heat. She felt like a child caught doing something wrong, and tattle-tale Audrey was there to make sure the world or her parents knew it.

The look at Audrey's face, bathed in wide-eyed surprise. Catherine could see this complication wasn't something Audrey had planned when she haphaz¬ardly threw them together.

"I thought you two were just being antisocial," Audrey said, finding her voice, which seemed a little higher than usual. "I came to see if either of you needed a referee, but I guess it was a wasted trip."

Jarrod moved behind Catherine and put his hands on her shoulders." Not entirely, Audrey," Jarrod said.

Catherine was too tongue-tied to try to speak. Her mind was foggy. Her legs were weak, and she could still feel Jarrod's mouth on her tingling lips. She felt hot, both from Jarrod's assault and with embar¬rassment that she could feel so intimate with someone she didn't particularly like. And to have a witness. One who would no doubt recount everything to her mother and half the population of Newport. The smile on Audrey's face told her that much.

"We don't need a referee, but we'd like you to be the first to know," Jarrod continued.

"Know what?" Audrey looked to Catherine for an answer.

"I'm talking about a wedding, Audrey." Jarrod spoke first. Catherine couldn't find her voice, though she hadn't planned to answer her sister. "Cathy and I are getting married."



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