Opposites Attract Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

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Whether it's the bedroom or boardroom these opposites attract.

"...Hailstock really explores the conflicts of her characters..." --- Publishers Weekly

Opposites Attract

"I'm sure I don't have to introduce Averal Ballantine," Never began, telling the group he would be conducting this meeting.

As he took her place in front of the group, she put the length of the entire room between them. She stood in the shadow near an exit door. He intimidated her. Yet she was responsible for all the lives in this room. She looked over the crowd. When her eyes came back to Averal's, he was staring directly at her. Her breath caught uncontrollably.

Naked. That's it, she told herself. It was hard to be intimidated by a man if you imagined him standing there naked.

Never's mind undid his tie. Slowly she pulled it free and dropped it to the floor. Then she went for the jacket. It joined the tie on the floor. The shirt came free, one button at a time until his chest was exposed. With an imaginary fingernail, she outlined the clearly defined squares of his muscular chest. His skin was warm and smooth. Reaching up she let her palms travel to his shoulders and pull the offending shirt down strong, corded arms.

When her hands went to the belt buckle, Never whipped around, turning her back to the room, and lowered her head. She was breathing heavily. This is not the way it's done, she scolded herself. You're supposed to imagine him naked, not undress him, not touch him. She couldn't imagine him dressed now that her mind had stripped him. She was glad she couldn't be seen clearly. Her body was hot and excited.

She had to get out of this room.

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